Frequently Asked Questions

Can I insure my merchandise?

Sure, we have insurance service. You need prior validation for which is very important that you share the following with us in order to confirm the service:

  1. Photos of the merchandise before packing
  2. Photos of the merchandise already packed
  3. Detailed description of the merchandise
  4. Declared value
  5. Weight
  6. Measures
  7. Number of packages

My merchandise arrived damaged. What is the process to follow?

Please, check your package and indicate the anomalies you detect, call 800 999 1949 to file a claim.

Who will send me my invoice?

There are two options, we explain below:

Cash customer: Your pricing executive in charge will be sharing this information with you.

Credit customer: Your credit and collection contact at the branch in your city will be sending you all the information related to this topic.

Can I apply to have credit with PXGL?

Of course yes, we will gladly share what you need:

If you are a credit customer who is already part of our family in Paquetexpress (our domestic service), you only need:

  1. Tax ID
  2. Credit Cover
  3. Contract

For new clients:

  1. As a legal person:
  2. Valid official identification
  3. Proof of address (no older than 3 months)
  4. Tax identification card with address details
  5. Credit application duly completed
  6. Signed contract
  7. As a corporate entity:
  8. Constitutive Act
  9. Valid official identification of legal representative
  10. Power of Attorney (Acts of administration, Subscription of titles and credit operations, Acts of Dominion)
  11. Business folio
  12. Proof of address (no older than 3 months)
  13. Tax identification card with address details
  14. Credit application duly completed
  15. Signed contract

Can I know the taxes that my merchandise will generate?

PXGL can provide you with the customs agency service, once we have your quote confirmation, we can automatically work on your shipment and we will send you your taxes during the export and import process.

If you want to know them in advance before approving an operation, it is a service that has a cost, in case you want to know it you can call 800 999 1949.

Can I send freight collect?

We do not have this option yet.

Can my merchandise travel?

We share with you the list of non-transportable merchandise and the one that is subject to validation.


How can I process my FDA permit, list of importers, certificates, etc? Can you help me?

We recommend you consult this with a company dedicated to this matter, our main axis is logistics accompanied by import and export dispatches.

How to track my shipment?

We are very clear that the most important thing for you is for us to take care of your merchandise and that is why you will always have communication with a person from the traffic area who will give timely follow-up to your shipment and will let you know all the details of your shipment.

What information do I need to quote?

  • Detailed description of the merchandise
  • Weights and Measures
  • Number of packages, pallets, boxes
  • Complete address with postal codes of origin and destination
  • Specify the type of service you need
  • Specify if you require customs agency services. If you do, we will contact you for more information. If you already have an agency, specify which customs office

Are transit times guaranteed?

They are approximate, especially when it comes to consolidated LTL services. There are many factors that we cannot control, especially when we are in a customs process.

Do you have Inbond services?

Sure, we can help you with your shipments. Canada, USA, Mexico

Do you have services within the United States?

We can do services without the need to touch Mexico, we can help you.

What are the maximum heights allowed?

It depends on the mode of service:

Consolidated service: up to 1.9 meters

Dedicated services: 2.2 meters

Which are the maximum weights allowed?

It depends on the mode of service:

Consolidated service: up to 2 tons

Dedicated Services: Subject to review.

Can you provide the packing service?

The packaging is at the expense and risk of the sender, so it is very important to consider all measures according to the type of merchandise you wish to send.

Can I pay from abroad?

Of course, we have accounts to receive payments from abroad.

Can I pay with any type of currency?

Mexican pesos and dollars, we only need to know which type of currency is your preferred to share bank details.

Can I know the cost and the time it will take before making a shipment?

Of course! We always look for the best for you, so when you need a quote you will be working hand in hand with an advisor who will send you an economic proposal together with its transit time, leave it in our hands, we will advise you.

Does PXGL have the obligation to issue CFDI with CCP?

Being a freight forwarder, it is not required to generate a CCP for the services provided as a transport coordinator, however, in cases in which the services are performed by means of its own transport, PXGL will have to perform a CFDI with CCP.