We work to offer personalized solutions to our clients to solve their logistic challenges in topics such as storage and orders preparation.

Land Transport

We travel all the roads with a wide fleet of vehicles at your service, ready to take your dreams as far as you can imagine.

Maritime Service

The connection between oceans has never been easier, with our help we move your shipments to the port of your need.

PXGL coverage is worldwide

We know you wish to move your merchandise throughout the world, that is why we create solutions that cross borders so you can reach any destination in the fastest way.

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We have created logistics solutions for each of your needs, seeking to mobilize your merchandise through our range of services, keeping in mind always that the security of your merchandise is the most important.



We cover all the needs of the automotive sector, moving from auto parts to vehicles in the safest way, prevailing the integrity of what you want to take care of your merchandise.



The fashion sector has a global presence, that is why we understand your need to mobilize your production on a world scale, always advising you to find the route that suits your needs.



We serve the industry sector with the importance it needs, because we know that production times cannot be stopped and merchandise mobilization is key to prevailing industrial processes.



The consumer sector has changed drastically during the past years, that is why we need more than ever to keep connected to maintain a supply chain that meets the market presents.